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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lovin' the Rain

Am I strange to like rainy days. When I had a huge garden I used to pray for rainy days so I could take a day off from working in the garden and clean my house. Then I got smart. I just prayed for a cleaning lady. I like the rainy days now. I think it is the quiet sound that I like and I tend to get lots done then.

It's been raining several days now and I got some real quilting done. This was a top I had sitting around for almost 10 years.

Since I still have no plans for it, the binding will probably continue to wait patiently in my tub o' bindings. I really don't mind doing bindings cause I do them completely by machine, but I'd rather do other things right now. See? I know how to prioritize. Now I am down to 103 quilt tops. Doing good I'd say. Sew all the long rainy day.


Heather said...

a very optical effect happening if you look at this for longer than a bit.

Kelly Kroon said...

You go, girl! Get those UFOs done!

SueR said...

103 tops--wow, that's alot. Found your new book on Amazon today--I like the cover quilt, and can't wait til it's out!