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Monday, June 21, 2010

A quilty June

Well, I'd have written sooner, but I have been having some trouble with the new modem sent to me by my ISP. They are taking it "to the next level" and hopefully can find a problem to fix.

I did happen to get Spring Dance together a few weeks ago. Now I feel I can move onto other things. I am surprised how long that one was on my design wall. Once it was this far I debated borders and decided just to go with a flat piping before the binding.

More comfort quilts were turned in last week at church. We had quite a few quilts piling up and decided we needed to make a distribution. I took in 13 quilts to Love Inc. They were thrilled to get them. It is always nice when the gals in the office are excited when we come in with quilts. Sometimes we make a delivery and you wonder if they really want them.

Here are just two of the quilts turned in. Both double-four patches. Amazing how they can look so different.
In the last two weeks I also attended a 25th anniversary party for the guild I started. It was great fun to reminisce with other past presidents that were invited and some of the charter members. I also gave a program to a guild in Illinois, delivered the raffle quilt to Judy to quilt and quilted one last Friday night with the girls. All this quilty activity has motivated me to do even more quilting. I can't wait to see what I get done. My to do list keeps getting longer. It must be time to post that. That's it for now. Guess where I am going.
Sew long,


bettyp said...

Those are really nice !! Love the scrapy look !!

Shelley said...

Love the first 4 patch quilt...very nice use of value! I know how you feel about the to-do list getting longer..I need an assistant just to carry mine!LOL! I feel like I have to play eenie meenie minie moe just to pick the next one to work on!