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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farewell Sweet Pepper

A while back I showed a picture of my cat Lily, promising to show her pal Pepper someday. So here he is, a typical cat loving anything resembling a quilt. We said goodbye to Pepper last Wednesday. He was 15 years old and his arthritis took a turn for the worse. He was my all-time favorite cat and he Loved cuddling. I'll miss him tons. Thanks Pepper, see ya on the other side.

Lily was never one for cuddling, so we started cuddling lessons and she is getting better at it. If not the cuddling at least she is asking for more attention. I'm so glad to have her. Of course, she is not the same, but she's better than no cat. Lily would probably say she was always the better cat, being a girl and all. Man did Pepper love her.

Well, now back to the garden and quilting.
So long.

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