Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Super Students

I love it when students share the completed quilts that they have made from my classes. Especially since I am not too good about remembering to bring my camera to classes. Sue stepped out of her comfort zone when she chose the fabric for this quilt. She did a super job as always.
Rita designed this quilt after taking a series of Thirtysomething classes with me a year and a half ago. Rita enjoyed the techniques so much she also made this Thirtysomething medallion as a wedding quilt for a granddaughter.

I'm glad to show their quilts especially since I haven't taken any photos lately. I keep forgetting to get new batteries for the camera. I did decide to add a border to the log cabin quilt. So once that is washed and attached I can show you that. My history suggests that could be a few years though. It's was kinda hard for me when I didn't need it for anything. Maybe now with the blog I will be better at completing the tops.

Quilting at church yesterday. Lots of great show and tell and no camera as ususal. Some of those pieces will surface again when the quilting is done. Maybe I can get a shot then.
Thanks for stopping by. Sew long for now.

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