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Monday, September 28, 2009

You Tube

I had a notion to do a YouTube video about my new book, Twin Peaks so I took care of that and had to update my website as well. My sister was in town over Labor Day weekend and helped with the video. It was great fun and hard at the same time. Thanks, Carol. I am a bit disappointed in the lighting, but pleased with it otherwise. You can check it out at my website or Youtube.
Also I am going to start posting more free quilt patterns on my website. Shattered Squares, shown above, is the next free pattern and features the Twin Peaks technique.The first free pattern, All Wound Up, features the Thirtysomething technique. Some patterns may not be up indefinetly. I have thought about a video for Thirtysomething, but because that whole concept includes 7 different units it needs to be longer - and for sale. I may put an introductory video up though. Check for that next spring.
Also new on the website is a Show &Tell page featuring quilts others have made from my classes and books. So many gals are nice to send pictures after the quilt/top is near completion, that I'd rather show that than works in progress at workshops. But we will see. The challenge is always remembering to bring the camera. I know, I know, not a problem if you have a camera phone.
And how do you like the green on this page? Not sure what I wanted here so I'd like feed back. I was thinking of putting a collage of my quilts in the header of my blog, but this was quicker.
And besides all the above, I have been busy with a new laptop. I don't really mind the break from quilting, but I didn't have much to share till now. Maybe Wednesday I can sew.


Exuberant Color said...

I just watched the video. You are so calm! It is a very good demo.

Vivian said...

Wow, just catching up on your blog - love the new format!