Friday, January 17, 2020


There is no question, its winter in Wisconsin.  I love it! Christmas is past and spring is months away. Many years ago I used to browse seed catalogs. But for a long time now it only meant one thing and of course  you  know its quilting.  I'm knee deep in lots of projects and having a blast.  This is some of what I've been doing. 

I made a decision about the 2" mystery triangles, finished 30 blocks and set them aside. But that wasn't till after I arranged some on the wall like this. I may not do much more with it than sew them together but something  else caught my intrest.

I pulled out 3 of my own tops to quilt and 1 is done. I added it to 2 more waiting for binding and started a pile. I don't mind binding at all but I'm in no hurry.  Maybe I'll save that job for summertime.
At Studio 3 I finished my plaid 4-patch and shoo fly top.  I love it. I should have planned it bigger.

Also, I pulled a 2 yr. old ufo out of the closet. I need to cut a few more blocks.  Maybe even a few more cause I havent decided how big to make it. I have enough fabric for bed size. I imagine once I put it on the wall I'll want to go bigger.

I have my boxes of Civil War scraps here from Studio 3 and I've been cutting for kits. More fun. I love cutting and kitting. I ran out of project boxes so I guess I should go sew now.

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QuiltGranma said...

"guess I should go sew now" is always a good plan. I love what you make!