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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy in a Heap

I sure enjoyed making these blocks. I just might try making this design again some day with brighter colors. But I'm on this Civil War fabric kick right now and striving to use this heap of scraps, so this is what I used.  I went to Studio 3 for an hour the other day and made 5 more blocks. Went there again last night and I made the rest.They still need a little work then I will put them together and even consider adding a border. I'm ready to move on to the next two projects but I'm going to make myself finish this top first. I like it when inspiration hits and I'm anxious to get going on a new project. I hate it when something gets in the way. I guess we all do. But what a nice distraction to be in my way.

It looks like besides the mild winter we've had, we'll be having an early spring. We missed all the snow that blew east of here, yesterday I guess. 20 robins in the yard this afternoon. They're only about 2 weeks early. Buds on the bushes are starting to get fat already.


Nann said...

Funny how you sit down to sew just a little and before you know it you have five blocks made . . . your courthouse stars look just great! Haven't seen robins here yet.

cityquilter grace said...

one of my fave bonnie patterns...looks terrific in any color combo and yours is no exception!

Rahul Kavar said...

i dont think it was easy to made, but it is awesome