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Monday, November 17, 2014

More Stars

Like most of the country, we got hit with an early blast of cold and a little snow. As an experienced quilter I knew to prepare for some long sessions in the sewing room. I guess I prepared a little too well in the past cause when the Thursday class went shopping for sashing and... All I needed was thread. Of course, that is not saying that is all I bought. One shop we visited is closing so I had to fill my bag with lots of the Civil War prints I love. That's my idea of having fun!

With the time in the sewing room I finally finished my latest star quilt top. I considered adding a border of triangles and then another plain border, but really didn't like it when I arranged a few triangles on the wall.  So this is it. Since I bought enough red to add a border and decided not to, I could actually make more stars and make this to fit the bed, but that would probably get boring. I could just use that extra for the back of the quilt. I think I want to quilt this simply with straight diagonal lines much like so many antique quilts were quilted. I think that would really add to it looking old. I am surprised how much I love it. Thinking of getting it quilted now to use as a couch quilt through the holidays.

Saturday I taught my Infinite Stars class for the guild that meets in Antioch.  That is always a fun class to watch the ladies discover just a few of the possibilities to create a star starting with a traditional patchwork block. This is one of the class samples I bring.

Tomorrow I meet with the ladies at church to work on comfort quilts. Then I quilt again on Thursday and . . . Mark can't get over how much time I spend sewing. Of course, he is not here to see me check out the other blogs linked up to Judy's.

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Vicki W said...

I like that block a lot....and also the quilt!