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Friday, March 14, 2014

SEW Busy

I can't believe how busy  I have been. The book is taking longer than  I thought it would. Probably cause I found this great graphic artist that has ideas of her own. And partly because I am not as computer savvy as you'd think. Besides getting the book ready to print I've had another group of beginners start a sampler class. It was getting a little crowded here so we set up class at our house across the street. Otherwise it will sit empty till it gets a new roof and then who knows what my in-laws will want to do with it. Should be fun.
My daughter and her friend have been coming regularly, too. Lisa started her sampler probably 15 years ago. The blocks are all framed now,next they will get sashing and a border. I am happy to see my daughter showing an interest in quilting again. I imagine it will just be a winter thing, but that's ok.
Spring is on its way. I knew it was coming too. We had a few days of snow melting so the deer probably won't be coming around to raid the bird feeder much anymore. Still have lots of snow, though it didn't keep the robins from arriving on time and even the chipmunks are awake. We haven't seen the stray cat we fed this winter since it warmed up a bit and the coons came around to eat it's food.
Before you know it I'll be digging in the garden again and I won't have made many quilts all winter.
Yikes! Lots of odds and ends waiting for borders and such. Maybe I can focus on that. Once taxes are done, and. . . Mark has been a wonderful help. I imagine once it's nice out, he will be outa sight. I guess I will enjoy it while I can.

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