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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Play Time

Working on the log cabin blocks put me in the mood for some piecing. I didn't want to put too much time into planning a project so I picked up these pieces that I brought out a week ago and started cutting. I already had enough of these  3-piece triangle units to make 16 blocks, but which block? Only11 of them had the dark rust triangles sewn to them.

My first thought was to make this block. After making 3 of them, I decided I didn't want the whole quilt of those. Though on second thought, had I changed the colors of the large triangles in each block, I might have liked the idea more. I just may have to redo this in my favorite 1800 prints.

I had already pulled some more dark reds to use and not wanting to consider any other options, I kept cutting. I also limited myself to the 1 1/2 strips of the white I had left. So next I came up with these blocks. Now I was having fun coming up with simple variations just by changing the color or position of the little squares.

And you just know I had to turn those black squares to the corners too, just to see what else could be done. And don't you know it. My favorite block of the whole bunch is the last one.  I have about 15 square inches left of the white and the gray.  Perfect!

This time-out was just what I needed. Things have been a bit stressful around here with our house guest. And now that Labor Day is past the  fall quilting season has official begun and I have to get busy. I hope to find the time to blog about it.

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