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Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Bit Rusty

The weeds are petty much under control so I spent a little time sewing the other day. I wanted to organize this project that I'd started at the Machine Quilting show in Oconomowoc. I put together this kit a year or two ago when the church ladies did this pattern for their raffle quilt. Really glad I did. I was able to just grab and go. When I got home I wanted to make sure it was organized for the next time I grab it to work on. Of course, then I started thinking about what else I could do with it. So far, I think I am electing to go with sashing and just the four light blocks. I decided to challenge my self with sashing for a while.
I think this works okay, but I am out of muslin. I like to use muslin with 1930's and 1800 reproduction prints. I am fussy about my muslin too. I will have to look into ordering another bolt before I head into town ( the big city) tomorrow to see Joy and Patty. I use enough of it that I'd prefer to get a bolt so all the scraps match.  I have seen several quilts made with scraps of muslin from different bolts and I don't like the way they look different - particularly as they age. I'm planning to sew with Patty and Joy so I;ll grab another kit off the shelf. It will be fun to see what I planned last year.

 I really enjoyed the show. I always find them inspiring. I think I need to go to more of them for fun, not to work. Taking classes and the time to study the quilts and shop the vendors is easier when you aren't busy inspiring others in a classroom. Still fun, but in such a different way. Which shows would you recommend?

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