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Monday, May 27, 2013

Just cause it rained

For those of you wondering if everything is okay with me here, I thank you for asking and YES everything is wonderful. It is spring after all and I love spring. And have I been doing any quilting? Yes,if piecing counts,
but only cause we had rain today.
 I picked up this project where I left off and got the blocks together. Now I am considering these hourglass blocks for a border. I'm not sure I feel this is worth the effort of a pieced border. So it will stay on the wall so I can think about it. Since it has been a while since I worked on it, I wouldn't be opposed to considering a flying geese border. Time will tell.

Tuesday at church we worked on the 9-patch sashing for the dresden plate raffle quilt. That is ready to go together now. I think it will be too big for my machine. I better line somebody else up in a hurry.

And now what is blooming out in the wild? Garlic mustard, UGH! Now that it is flowering they say you can't just pull this invasive weed and drop it cause it will still set seeds by using the energy in the plant. You are supposed to bag them and dispose of them in the trash.  I'm experimenting with ripping off the flower heads before pulling them from the roots. I can't imagine they will be able to set seeds if there is no stem or leaves attached. We'll see.

We have had a house guest and it has taken a bigger effort on my part to prepare meals, etc. It's only temporary.

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ANudge said...

I really like that block! Flying Geese are so versatile. Thanks for sharing.