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Monday, February 18, 2013

Wake up Laughing

I've kept busy all week doing very little quilting. One of the things I'm doing is working on my quilt scrapbook. It's one way I document the quilts I make. It sure  comes in handy to refresh my memory for all sorts of things. I made pages where I can show 1, 2 or 3 quilts. Included are pattern name, the source of the pattern, size, when pieced and quilted Also if it sold or was donated or gifted and blank lines I can fill in with names or other info like if it was in a show or magazine. I wish I thought of indicating what batting I used. I'll  include it when I reprint the forms. I put them in page protectors back to back so I can keep together extra photos and any extra notes I want. These pages go back a few years.  I have two years worth of quilts and tops to record.  Glad I can check  back on the blog for details.

Lucrecia came over today. She brought show and tell of a top she made while she was in Panama and the top from the blocks she made from the block exchange with the church ladies. Very nice.  She then helped me with some kits so I have another big tote full to take tomorrow. We're supposed to get a little rain and snow tonight and tomorrow. That usually keeps me home cause then there's ice to drive in.Wish us luck. We are  planning on making string blocks together.

I've also had some distraction from my people. Distraction as in I'm not happy with them. When this happens I find myself writing letters. I write lots of letters especially when I am upset. Sometimes I send them. One I burned, one I left for Mark to read and most are all in my head. I've written many to the same people and I've rewritten the same letter many times. Again - all in my head. Then I feel better.

My fella friend makes me laugh too though. He's always telling jokes. Some I have probably heard over 30 times. But he has good ones too and he talks as much as he can. The other night I had a dream about him that woke me up laughing. All I remember is that he died and we had him cremated. And he still kept talking! I know this cause his voice came right out of the urn with his ashes sitting on the mantle. And we had a conversation!

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kadyb said...

Like the idea of those scrapbook pages. And your examples look great! Thanks for sharing that idea.

Sorry your people are being so stressful right now. 2013 isn't being too good for my family, either - lots of crises, some small, some large. We are coping and hoping things will get better. Soon, please.

Good story about your dream. Our subconscious can really tell us what we think!

Take care - Kathi