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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peak II

Okay, it's not quilty. But who doesn't love these oaks?
This is a bit of the view outside my sewing room window. Yeah, yeah. The sugar maples are pretty. But around here they are usually more yellow than - this. I  have a few young oaks in my yard showing lots of color. Can't wait till they are bigger.  Did I mention that we have two peaks of autumn color around here?  This is the second.

I do have my blocks ready to sew together. Maybe tonight while the ball game is on. Enjoy.

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Lori said...

great pics of fall colors! Last week we had high winds (HIGH HIGH HIGH winds) and most the trees are bare. On the prairie where I live (vrs the camper where I want to stay!) we don't have oaks. none Today I spent an hour digging through leaves etc on the hills near my camper to find some acorns. The tree specialist (LOL--he DOES have a degree in forestry!) said I need to dig up a patch of dirt and mash my acorns in with the heel of my boot. Then mulch and leave alone. (Bur Oaks) I guess they don't like to be transplanted--tender little roots--so I will try it.