Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scraps Over the Years

I didn't mean to get side-tracked with these Broken Dishes, but I wanted to try my new toy and I had nothing else cut and ready to sew. My scrap box of 3" finished triangles was quite full so I pulled out sets of 4 matching triangles and paired light to dark. I have no definite plans yet for this, except to add more brighter colors. Gosh, I sure like dark colors.  I don't plan to really work on this any time soon. It was to be an ongoing project, but I sure am glad I had them ready to sew. I ought to make sure I have a few more projects to pick up in a hurry like that.

The featherweight hums real pretty and Mark never did open her up. I surprised him the other night when he got home from work. I ran the machine off and on all day and that is all it took to clean her out and make her happy. If she stays so quiet, I might rather use her when I talk on the phone evenings with my fella friend. He has not once complained about the noise of my big machines.  I set the phone right next to the machine and turn the speaker phone on so he can yak all he wants, and happy to have someone to talk to.

Oh, FYI my machine is a 1938 model. And for the non-quilters among you, these machines are very popular with quilters cause all they need is the straight stitch for piecing a quilt and their light weight makes them portable to take on retreats and such. Back to stitching.


lightpc said...

You have an understanding husband AND a fella friend? Can you explain that?

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