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Monday, June 25, 2012

Cheddar in my quilt

I made two more blocks and had to spread it out to see how many more blocks I need in what colors.  There are one or two that I don't like and might remake. Otherwise I am loving it. I think it's the cheddar color that I like. Or maybe that there aren't any stars. I was planning to put the blocks on point, but changed my mind. It is always so much easier to set them straight and I don't think these blocks would benefit from being turned diagonally. 

I finally found the muslin I used in the border.Glad for that because I need to make two sides longer. It was hiding in the living room! It was in a basket  holding my grandmothers flower garden. I'm using the same muslin in that quilt.  I have been looking for it all year. Tells you how much I have been working on the GFG. But now I think I know how I want to finish that, so  maybe I will get back to that soon.

 I promised a picture of my birthday gift from my sister. Here he is. Ain't he a beaut? He looks so proud.  His body is covered with dried peppers. I guess if I don't want the real thing, he'll have to do.

Occasionally when I finally get a chance to do a little sewing,  I can feel the tension leaving.  Life has been a bit hectic for the Bongs lately cause the people we take care of haven't been well. I am so glad that they waited till I would be here to help Mark. I just might have to start worrying silly about him handling things alone when I am gone. This morning Lucrecia came over and I offered her a brandy. Get the picture???  Making those two blocks helped and now I will go for a walk. Who needs brandy anyway?

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Linda said...

Your rooster is so life-like, he's scarey! WOW! Must be wonderful to have a sister who gives you the best presents.