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Monday, November 28, 2011

Sashed the quilt with stars

It sure felt good to do some sewing again. This is the pile of blocks that the quilting ladies from church made for me. I had no idea how I was going to arrange them, or even what fabrics I would use with the blocks.
 Rummaging around in my stash I found the itty-bitty gold flowers that worked great for sashing.  I considered a few other arrangements, but I didn't have enough yardage for those options. Not sure what I wanted to border it with, I took a few selections to a church meeting and let the ladies decide. They chose this red paisley.  I have had both the little gold flowers and the red paisley in the drawer for YEARS. I NEVER thought I would use them together.

The ladies liked this block so much that another gal decided to use it for her block exchange. She wants her blocks in white and pastel/30's prints. These are the two I did for her.

And believe it or not, they liked it so much that they decided that we should use the same block for our next church raffle quilt. So you will be seeing more of that block later, though in different settings.

Christmas will be here in less than a month, so I better get hopping. Not much for shopping anymore, but I will decorate a bit. I want to get that out of the way before next week, cause then I will need to focus again as mom's personal representative of her will. I sure hope I will find some time for quilting.  I pulled out a pile of quilt tops I want to work on next. This week I hope to prep backs and plan the quilting for them so I don't have to think  so hard in Dec, I can just quilt. Think it will work??? Sure, it's sorta like putting my own kits together.

I just need to make good notes and drawings. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was. Sew long,

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Deanna said...

I like it! Isn't it funny how a piece of fabric will wait around for so long and suddenly be perfect?!