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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Out

Just a quick note to mention that I haven't been posting - or quilting cause I had to take care of mom. As expected, she wasn't good all summer. Last week she went into the hospital. 8 days later to the nursing home. 3 days later I am planning her funeral. I don't imagine it is easy for anyone.
Occasionally, I remind myself anything I am going through is temporary.
And there is time for quilting later.
Till then,

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Linda said...

So sorry for your loss. My dad died 2 weeks ago. It's strange with losing an older parent (90)-relief that his suffering and loneliness for Mom (She died 17 months ago) is over but sadness and missing him and his healthy happier times. Today we finished clearing out his assisted living apartment and I realized that that generation of family is gone and I'm the matriarch (the oldest and only girl of 5 kids.) Walk your way through each day and soon you'll be feeling like quilting--I'm almost there...Linda