Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 heat wave

I'm thrilled I have the AC to turn on in the heat wave much of the US has been dealing with. I hope you found someplace to keep cool.  I usually go to the basement studio to work a bit where it is even cooler.  I have been working on 2 customer quilts that I don't want to share till she sees them.

The church ladies decided they wanted to do a block exchange like some guilds have.  I was the second to pass out my directions.  Each participant is to make two blocks and we're taking turns every other month. These are the first blocks turned in to me. I think I already know how I am going to put them together. I guess it wasn't too brilliant not having a plan to begin with. I guess it's the way I work.

If it gets below 80 degrees I'll go for a walk.  There is a gorgeous prairie in fullllll bloom now with paved roads just a mile down the road and my route takes 45 minutes. I should think to take the camera. It is a new kind of subdivision for Wisconsin. It has about 52 one acre home sites on almost two hundred acres with restored prairie, woods and a lake for residents to enjoy. Only 7 houses built since the roads went in maybe 4 years ago. No wonder why. I can't get over what good medicine that walk is. Dealing with the people I help has been challenging these last two weeks.

 The Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show is coming up soon.  I'm getting excited about that.  I think I want to start planning my spending.  Any tips on how to do that???? Again this year between the classes I am taking, teaching and volunteering, I'm planning on spending most of the week there. I wonder how much I'll sleep.
Hope to see you there.

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Deanna said...

Oh, the show sounds like a great time. If you aren't going to sleep that is the place to do it. Have some fun for me!