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Monday, April 11, 2011

Always a great time

Welcome to all, especially the festival goers that are visiting my blog for the first time. I hope you agree, festival was great. Always great classes, great shopping and fun meeting lots of great quilters. The quilts as usual were phenomenal. The exhibit quilts by my estimate were 95% art quilts. To see everyday quilts you had to check the quilts in the vendor's booths. The convention center seemed especially spread out this time, but then I learned that the show in Houston covers 11 football fields. The Cincinnati show probably covers less than half of that. So I got my exercise, too.
Here's a shot of my fabric acquisitions over the last month. Most of it anyways. And to think I only bought one duplicate, on purpose. 57 different pieces. Yes, most are just halves or quarters.

Mark said the strangest thing this morning.  He said "You didn't show me the fabric you bought yet." HUH!
 I never showed him in the past. Why would he start asking now? He knew I bought more than usual - just to make up for not shopping at the 3rd show in Lancaster when my sister was sick. He practically suggested it. But to ask to see it????

I had a great time. I highly recommend it to ANYbody. 

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