Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Auditioning borders

So now I can't decide on which border to use on this Kings Beauty quilt top that I made about 25 years ago. I ran out of the light peach for the setting triangles.  OOOOps what a liar.  I just remembered that I cut them too small. That is why I added some of the last border fabric to each triangle and it appears that the green corners overlap the narrow rust border a bit. A mistake?? no. Let's call it a design opportunity.   I have other rusts, but narrowed it down to this top one.  I have plenty of matching light green, but won't use that very wide cause it doesn't work. I like the last one with light green middle border and plain dark green final border because the quilting would show up nice with it. I didn't get the proportions just right and that can make a difference, but this helps too.


This top is 82" already and I love it so I want to make it big enough for my bed (as opposed to my balcony).
I've had the quilting planned for years and just may move it from the dormant phd pile to the actively waiting pile. Okay, not a pile, a list. A list in my head AKA a fantasy.  I have lots and lots of those. Don't we all?


Unknown said...

I vote for the brown one! Beautiful quilt and I think the brown border enhances the piecing. Seems like the teal color border draws the eye away from the beautiful piecing! Just my opinion!

sosarahsew said...

I need to "cut the setting triangles too small" sometime. I really like the final look of the top floating out over the border.

I too think I like the brown border best.

sosarahsew said...

Thank you for sharing the story behind the setting triangles. I think the floating effect of the top over the border is a look I want to recreate.

I too think the brown looks better.

Vivian said...

I second that! To my eye, the brown balances the overall colors of the quilt and the border plus I like the added texture in the fabric pattern against all the tone-on-tones and small prints of the block fabrics.

However, because you do know how you want to quilt it and you want it to show, then your choice of the light green and dark green borders may be the best choice.

Melodie said...

I love the light green inner border and would definitely stick with that. Of the two outer border choices, I prefer the brown because it has a pattern and adds to the quilt. I think the green just makes it bigger, but doesn't add anything. That said, if you have a similar dark green with more of a pattern, instead of something so plain, I think I'd like that best of all!

Kathryn Kistner said...

What a BRILLIANT 'save' on the triangle cuts! The overlap into the border would look like very complicated piecing to a non-quilter.

I think the brown border (with the light green inner border) is perfect!

The texture and highlights in the brown give it a very rich feel; a very layered, complex, interesting feel... and the lighter colors in the brown print pull my eyes back to the peach colors.

The dark green does not have enough visual texture to hold my interest (it looks a little flat)... although added (visible) quilting lines will likely give it the interest that is missing, now.

If you go with the dark green outer border, I think it looks better with the light green inner border.

You have a lovely quilt!
Kathryn Kistner in Texas

Heather said...

I like the first photo with the brown the best.