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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring challenges

What a beautiful spring we have had. I was really torn between going to the Crazy Quilter's
annual quilt show and staying home and working in the garden. I hate missing the show. I see so many old friends there. Of course I went to the show. I figured the garden wouldn't sprout too many weeds in one day.

I am always so inspired when I go to a quilt show - to buy more fabric. I was doing a pretty good job too of resisting until I ran into Pam. I haven't stopped by Pamella's Place for quite a while now. I told her how I enjoyed it a few years ago when I had her pick out fabric for me to make a couple of quilts for class samples.

These were the class samples for a 5 session class covering all the Thirtysomething units. We made sampler blocks in class, not these quilts. I really enjoyed the challenge of working with fabrics I wouldn't normally choose. I like to claim that I LIKE ALL fabrics, I just don't buy or use it all. I haven't the time! Ok, That is probably not the whole truth. So, at the show I suggested she pick out some more for me. And in less than a minute she picked out the two bundles of batiks shown below.

I am kind of stumped now with this new challenge. I have an idea or two. I don't have to use them all, and I can add up to 6 more fabrics. Should be interesting.

Are you up for a challenge? I could send you a bundle of fabric from our Church stash if you'd like. Let me know.
Here's hoping you get to enjoy spring in between some quilting stitches. I know - it's a challenge. Sew long.


Deanna said...

I kind of like a challenge, because I develop myself as a quilter. My early quilts (pretend it was a long time ago) all had black in them. Then I was encouraged/forced to discover white and ta-dah, I really like it. Then I needed to make a green/yellow quilt (Not my personal choice). I have now made two in that color scheme and am working on a third one using green/grey. Being pushed (read encouraged) is good.

Carol said...

Those are two really bright color sets. I'd say go with blue-green, then you've got a triad on the color wheel with yellow-orange and red-violet. What fun - Enjoy!

Nanbon44 said...

I like Carol idea of the blue green, makes me think Summer with the bright colors. I challange myself all the time as I work with a lot of leftover for my charity quilts, I need to use what I have yet I want them to be beautiful. I have the 6 quilts I am working on posted at Southern Style blog, go to Nanbon44.blogspot.com and let me know what you think.