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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Still on November

I got a real dose of inspiration over the weekend when I visited Judy at her studio. It was exciting to see all her show and tell. By the time I was ready to leave I told her that I was jumping up and down inside with excitement. By the time I got home I realized that it was the caffeine from her coffee. I am not used to 4 cups in 2 hours. Actually, in all fairness it was great to see her and very stimulating. I have been sewing bunches since then. Thanks Judy.

Before I cover what I have been working on, I'm going to catch up with my quilty news from the last few months. I did a bit more than just finish work on book 8. I will be brief.

In November, the church basement ladies sorted their quilts and decided how to distribute them. This year we made almost 60 again and always take them to the same places 2 or 3 times through the year. We are starting to make them bigger as requested. It helps that I and another gal have longarms to finish these bigger quilts easily. Seems I misplaced the photos I wanted to show. New software and computer, ya know.

Also in November is the Quilter's Rule annual warehouse sale. They invite a few other vendors and I always participate. Quilter's Rule manufactures my Thirtysomething Square Up so I usually demonstrate that and end up booking a workshop or lecture or two.
It is also fun to see everyone. They are local to me so lots of familiar faces show up. Quilter's Rule makes lots of tools especially for longarms and quilters come from all over for the sale. This picture shows part of my booth. In half the booth I hang class samples and in the other half I show old quilt tops for sale. (not shown)
Nothing in December besides Christmas and finishing up the book. That brings us up to January, but I will save that for later and see if I can't figure out these photos. Wish me luck and good luck to all of you with your quilting. Sew long,

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