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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Road again

Hi everyone.
I really enjoyed the challenge of working on this quilt. I call it "Make Momma Happy". I was just given the fabric. It had belonged to a friend who had died. Mom was over a couple weeks ago and saw it sitting in a pile and just loved it so I had to use it in a hurry for her lest I loose interest. Mark thinks it is too bright for anyone. I got a kick out of working with these prints. There is still a little leftover. Something will come of the scraps when I get more similar stuff to go with it.

Had quilting at church and we are making good progress on our Delectable Mountains raffle quilt. Had a meeting with the Great Lakes Professional Longarm Quilters. Usually inspiring but this time was more like just comparing notes. still good tho. Had a few classes on the road and as usual, I brought the camera but forgot to use it! Getting ready to go out again. So I was just humming to myself that song, "On the Road Again". I ought to look that one up and get the words so I can really sing it. I do that when I am feeling pretty good. I sang a girl scout song to my last class that I remembered from 40 years ago. Not so sure if you should consider yourself lucky for not having heard it or sorry you weren't there for the fun.
Well, I gotta pack, again; going up to Waupun for the weekend. Sew long.


Kelly Kroon said...

I love the quilt and I don't think it's too bright. Sometimes we need a bright quilt to lift our spirits and add light to our days.


Elaine Adair said...

Cool use of spools! LOVE it!