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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hi everyone,
We had a great meeting at church the other day. They loved Judy's quilting on the raffle quilt. I think she is even getting a new customer as a result. For show and tell I had those 15 kits I put together. I took out one bag at a time and described what needed to be done and they snapped up all but two of them. I guess that is what I have to do in the future. In the past I just put them in the plastic tub and mentioned that I brought more. Not too much show and tell from the meeting. Here's a few.

Lois Clark likes flannel and this quilt took just 3 fabrics, one checked, one plaid and solid pink. Easy, pretty and cuddly.

No one knows where this fabric came from. I know I didn't put this kit together.

This project also came to us partially assembled. Perhaps it was supposed to be the Chinese Coin design.
There was another one or two I will show next time. When I got home I started to put together some of the orphan blocks. That will be ready to show you in a day or two, also.
Till then, sew long

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SueR said...

Thanks for the Show and Tell, my favorite part of quilt meetings. The one with the bars has some pretty colors.