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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hooked on Feathers

I took a great drawing class with Sally Terry. The class was on her Hooked on Feathers technique. I imagine that was the name of the class, but I am not sure. Sorry. I wasn't convinced that just cause we could draw them that we could stitch them. But I practiced a bit on paper when I got home - must have been during breakfast.Well, sure enough I could stitch them. I recognize that I need to slow down a bit so that I can stitch more detail. That is the hardest thing for me with the long arm. Or maybe it's following a line. OH, I do need the practice. And I need to practice my starts and stop - for any line of stitching as well as the feather design, obvioulsly. Anyway, this little piece was made just for practicing on the longarm, so I may not bind it. Do you think a 5 year old would like it for her dolls?

I suppose it seems silly to make a piece just for practicing the quilting. Well, for someone with over 100 quilt tops it does. Maybe I should have the attitude that if the quilting doesn't turn out I can always make another one. It's not like I am making them for competition, so I don't know why I think I need all the practice. One thing is for sure, I do my best practicing on a legitimate quilt and not just scraps of batting and muslin.
Either way its the most fun I have had quilting in a while. I hope the quilting shows up so you can see it. Enjoy!


Renee said...

I totally understand... I would never make a piece for practice, that is what scraps are for. right! That is, until I saw how one of my friends had progressed with her feathers. OMG.. you really do learn more when you have definitive shapes and sizes to work with-in. So now I am making practice quilts, instead of another quilt to go in a pile.

But, I must say, your feathers, look better than mine.

Beena said...

Your feathers look great in this piece. Well done!

Was it you who I was telling, that I think all of my quilts are just practice pieces? It's all in "the process" to me. All of it!