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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A typical week

I must be dreaming. I thought I posted yesterday. So here is what I thought I showed you. This is the quilt I  did a month ago.  I finally got it washed and put the binding on.  I see now in the light that I have a few areas that need a little more quilting.  I will have to go back and add a few tendrils. It will be easier on my domestic machine.  Gee, will I remember how?  The quilt top dates back at least 15 years.  Up close you can see how I still need the practice.  Best to do that on an old little top like this. Those feathers are sure darn fun to quilt.  Good thing I don't like them more.  They'd be everywhere.

Tonight is the guild meeting in Mukwonago.  I'm finally free on a Wednesday night, and the roads are good, so I think I will go.  I haven't been a member for years.

I've been plugging away at a few big quilts.  One to piece in the sewing room and one to quilt down in the studio. Sure would be nice if I had a wife to do all the housework and cooking and quilt with.  Gee, maybe the Mormons have something there.

The contract has arrived for teaching at the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show in August.  I'll sure be looking forward to it, especially being so close to home. I'll go every day. Mark your calendars now. August 9-13. Sew long,

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Amy said...

I like it!!the quilt police would faint if they seen some of my quilts!!! I try not to line seams up they may fall in place.I love feathers!! mine would be loaded with them If I could do them.